Say "I Do" to Feeling 100% on Your Wedding Day

Hydrate Medical® to the Wedding Day Rescue

This is the moment our team at Hydrate Medical® steps in to get you feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to say your vows.

Hydrate Medical’s® mobile service will come to wherever you’re getting ready and give you and your wedding party a hydration drip. We will fit ourselves into your wedding day plans so you won’t miss out on hair, makeup and wedding day photos!

Our IV hydration therapy only takes 45 minutes and you will get 100% absorption, which decreases your recovery time, prevents an upset stomach and renews energy so you can dance the night away with your new bride or groom.

Calling All Wedding Professionals!

Help your bride, groom and wedding party plan ahead for a possible wedding day hangover. Or maybe your bride wants to have a special, refreshing glow as she walks down the aisle.

Hydrate Medical® also offers exclusive incentives to wedding professionals who set up their clients for a wedding day drip. Fill out the contact form below to learn more about our special referral program.