Hydrate Wellness & Brain Recovery

Hydrate Wellness Options


Treatment of your migraine focuses on restoring hydration, decreasing inflammation, treating nausea and reducing spasm. Our IV drips contain anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and electrolytes and minerals to reduce the headache spasm. In less than an hour your headache is reduced and energy is restored getting you back to your busy life.

Lyme Disease

Once the initial infection of Lyme is treated patients can still suffer long-term complications with fatigue, malaise, muscle and joint pain and “brain fog.” Vitamin drips with higher dose Vitamin C and our specialized Lyme Detox drip help to restore cell function. This has shown good success in relieving “brain fog” and restoring energy.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

These conditions are poorly understood and likely result from chronic inflammation, toxin build up and hormone and vitamin dysfunction or deficiency. Our Hydrate drips boost energy and detox the system with glutathione and vitamins. These can restore energy and improve daily performance.


Adding to your cancer diagnosis and treatment can leave clients feeling pretty rough. Hydrate drips boost energy and helps clients tolerate their cancer treatment and improve their quality of life. We also offer Zofran for nausea in with our drips. High dose Vitamin C has shown great promise in reducing cancer symptoms, improving quality of life and even decreasing cancer loads. Formal consultation with one of our providers and recent labs including CBC, Chemistry, Urinalysis, and G6PD are required prior to starting High Dose Vitamin C.

Hydrate Brain Recovery

Ketamine Infusion for Depression

This is a huge medical breakthrough that we are really encouraged about. Chronic depression can be debilitating and for those who have failed traditional therapy for depression, IV Ketamine infusions have shown to be a promising treatment.

IV Ketamine is thought to work as a reset to the brain restoring neurotransmitter function and improving mood and energy. These drips are administered under the direct supervision of an emergency trained RN and one of our providers (NP or MD) trained in advanced management and experienced in Ketamine administration. Treatments take about 90 minutes each and are done 3-4 times a week for 3-4 weeks at first. Maintenance treatments may be required by some clients.

Referral and continued care from a psychiatrist is required for this treatment. Patients often report improvement in mood 3-4 hours after treatment but a series of treatments over 3-4 weeks is required for longer lasting effects. Side effects are minimal. Infusions take about 45 minutes. Ketamine has also shown benefit in PTSD, Anxiety and chronic pain. You can read more about Ketamine treatments here.

NAD+ for Addiction

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, NAD+, is the active enzyme form of Vitamin B3 (niacin).

In the process of addiction, the brain is depleted of neurotransmitters and nueron dysfunction persists. This can lead to the endless cycle of use and deterioration of day-to-day function. NAD+ works directly on this area of the brain quickly restoring function.

Initial treatment involves daily infusions for 7-10 days. NAD+ stimulates the part of the brain greatly depressed by addiction more quickly restoring function. This decreases cravings and withdrawal symptoms and boosts brain function to allow better involvement in counseling and other therapies.

NAD+ is best used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment program. We can refer you if needed. Clients report significant decrease in cravings often after the first treatment and minimal withdrawal symptoms. This can greatly speed the recovery process!